Robert F. Curd founded Curd Enterprises in 1952 in the Chicago area. The primary business was fabrication of fiberglass billboard displays and product displays such as the Sinclair Oil Company dinosaurs, RCA Nipper (including the one that currently resides on the old RCA building in Albany, NY) and Turtle Wax Turtles.

Multiplastics is a trademark of Curd Enterprises Inc. for the manufacture of fabricated plastic displays and plastic products. It was through this name that the company became known for innovative and creative manufacturing of thermoformed plastic products.


The company moved into thermoforming as an alternative to the hand layup of fiberglass for the billboard industry. Bob Curd designed and built the largest thermoformer in the United States to manufacture displays and billboard trim.


In 1965, the company moved its manufacturing operations from Addison, IL to Charleston, SC. Product diversity continued and in the early 70's, the company established a proprietary line of plastic buoys. These buoys are marketed worldwide and are used in both freshwater and ocean areas. The first metalizing of clear acrylic domes was devised by Bob Curd to provide a two-way mirror effect for the security industry.


Bob Curd's daughter Deborah Herbert joined the company in 1979 and became President in 1992. In 1986, the company moved from North Charleston to Mount Pleasant, SC.

It was here that the company designed and built the first water runoff containment system for bridges in the United States. The system was designed to protect fragile marshlands from the effects of gasoline and oil residue running off the bridge deck. The containment system installed near Mount Pleasant has over 2 miles of specially designed pans that collect the water with the oil/gas residue and contain it until it can be safely removed.


The company acquired another 85,000 square feet of manufacturing space for a total occupancy of 138,000 square feet. Achievement of ISO 9001 Certification in 1997 demonstrates the company's commitment to quality product.

The company continues to be an innovator in thermoforming and has added injection-molding capability for more versatility in meeting customers needs.