An automotive customer requesting a packaging system for their air conditioner condensers approached Multiplastics. The criteria given to us was to make a returnable packaging system that would hold a maximum amount of condensers and be reusable from one plant to the next.


The customer, with absolutely nothing in mind, provided Multiplastics with some air conditioner condensers and a very limited budget for prototypes and production. With that in hand, the design stage was underway.


Multiplastics' Industrial design engineers came up with a 3-piece pallet consisting of a base pallet, a 10-mm plastic corrugated sleeve and an interlocking lid. This design would provide the customer with an inexpensive, lightweight, very durable plastic pallet and maximum storage space to protect the units in transit.

Ecstatic from the prototype, only small modifications were necessary to make the original prototype ready for inspection and certification by the customer's laboratory. After the prototype exceeded inspection and certification, Multiplastics received the award to produce 1200 units.